Positive ways of using Scrap

An event was put on allowing people to discover creative ways to use their scrap at Oxford’s first “swap’n’fix” in the city’s town hall.

More than 180 residents attended the event, which was organised jointly by the Oxford Waste Partnership and the city council and aimed at encouraging people to either recycle or repair their broken items.

Scrapstore charity Orinoco had a stall at the event run by manager Chris Bonfiglioli, 54, of Cowley. He demonstrated a yo-yo made from an old video cassette.

Mr Bonfiglioli said: “While the thing itself may not be useful any more, you can use its components to make other useful things." “You can also make more creative things like a yo-yo.  Some people look at a chair and just see a chair but others see something else that they can make from it – even if that is just firewood.”

Orinoco runs a swap shop in the Bullingdon Community Centre on the second Saturday of each month .