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If you wish to donate scrap materials to any of our Scrapstores please fill in the form below.

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Please indicate using the tick boxes below which categories the materials you wish to donate fall under:

New Products:
toys, clothes, books
packaging storage containers
toileteries cleaning products
art materials stationery
Film pots/canisters (plastic)
Plastic pots
Sweet jars (plastic not glass)
Tape/cassette cases
Disc boxes
Plastic buckets
Mushroom containers
Cardboard drums
Plastic drums
Plastic containers
Sweet / biscuit / tobacco tins
DAT boxes
Ice cream tubs with lids
Masonry paint
Matt emulsion
Vinyl emulsion
Wood Preserver
White paper – matt
White paper – glossy
Coloured and black paper
Fluorescent paper
Gold and silver paper/card
Brown parcel paper
Billboard posters
Coloured shredded paper
Fax rolls/Till rolls
Cardboard files/folders
Greetings card + postcards
Tissue + tracing paper
Wax + greaseproof paper
Corrugated paper (rolls)
Sticky labels
Rolls of sticky paper
Paper bags
White card
Coloured card
Corrugated cardboard
Cardboard shapes
Black card
Mounting card
Paper stationery:
Calendars (current only!)
Diaries (current only!)
Cardboard tubes
All shapes and sizes
Small -
Medium -
Large -
General stationery – anything!:
Pencils + Pens
Rubbers + paper clips
Rubber bands
Acetate – rolls / trim
Aerosol lids (unused bulk batches)
Other material

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Delivery/Collection Information

Scrapstores are community organisations who are always working hard to reduce their costs, collection of material is usually possible however if you able to transport or courier your scrap materials to the scrapstore this can make a big difference to our ability and timescales of accepting offered scrap materials.

Delivery, collection or either?
In order to assist us in visualising the amount of scrap materials for logistics purposes please tell us how much scrap you have to donate you can indicate by telling us the number and size of boxes/bags/drums/lengths and approx weight.
Is this a one off or regular offer? Please describe regularity: